The Lighthouse Strategy

The Lighthouse Strategy Group is the premiere design and incubation
house for evidence-based solutions to issues of public significance.

OUr vision

Create an ecosystem where public, private and community institutions pool their resources to develop new and inventive solutions to long held challenges.

talent mobilisation

We work with our regional and international advisors to ensure that the most promising minds are seated at the discussion table.  

digital communication

Our engagement strategies are targeted and transformative. We work with clients to translate understandings and insights into tangible outcomes with
buy-in from end users.

public advocacy

We advocate for the continuous improvement of public policy and operations through enhanced practice frameworks.


Social sustainability is at the core of our operation. We aim to up-skill the most disadvantaged communities around the world with the training necessary to build and deliver social innovations that are ultimately self-sustainable.

OUr services

We work with government and private industry clients to deliver social impact initiatives that are measurable and responsive to the interests and priorities of its end users.

We are responsible for the delivery of Social Impact Projects in the following areas.

Community Cohesion

women's empowerment


human migration

youth Entrepreneurship


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Human-centered design emerges at the intersection of authenticity and empathy.


End users must be adequately represented in the development teams and throughout the consultation process. 


The most promising prototypes undergo structured incubation to ensure optimal execution.


The process will engage key stakeholder agencies and advocate for the continuous improvement of public policy.

The hackathon model

How it Works

Rule 1

Teams formulate problems and conduct their research to build their pool of understanding and insights. Each team will have a knowledge expert to help coordinate and drive the evolution of practical solutions.

rule 2

Teams literally Hack a solution which involves testing, iterating and refining prototypes as minimally viable products.

rule 3

The teams pitch their refined prototypes to an audience of high level stakeholders and select judges. The team to attract the most audience support will win seed funding to realise their prototype to operational capacity.

OUr people

abdullahi alim

Abdullahi is a Curator at the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community. He is passionate about the intersection between technology
and social impact and contributes to this theme at The Huffington Post.
Abdullahi is currently completing graduate school at Stanford University.

Steve macdonald

Steve is the Co-Founder and Director of Infinitas Asset Management with
over twenty years of experience in investment markets. He is also a
Director at Fiftysix Creations, a hardware startup designed to empower school kids to build the most powerful consumer electronics of our time. 

candice bowditch

Candice is an Indigenous Computer Scientist with an unwavering passion
for data science and cyber security principles. She is a tireless advocate
for diversity in the tech sector and believes strongly in the potential of technology to empower historically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

atlanTa daniels

Atlanta is the Co-Founder of Signal Ventures Australia, a $10M venture
capital fund that invests in high growth companies with a global focus.
She is on the Advisory Boards of Code for Australia and Pause Fest and maintains significant influence in both the Australian and US startup ecosystems.



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